EDS Group, Inc. is privately held. The corporate office is located in Mansfield, Massachusetts. Speed to market is a key competitive advantage of this manufacturing services company. Over twenty-five years of mold engineering experience gives EDS Group the ability to develop conceptual 3D solid models and quickly convert to prototype tooling for testing and evaluation.

Engineered packaging succeeds in the marketplace when married to POP graphics exteriors that make your product jump off the store shelves. EDS Group, Inc. is a licensed ECOBLISS™ [cold seal technology] graphics card manufacturer. Process advantages allow the card assembler to simply fold-over the pre-printed cards with the blister wedged in between. Simple pressure applied to the face of the card bonds the front to the back. This eliminates the need for heat sealing of blisters to cards or plastic rf sealing to plastic. Bonds are tamper proof and the dis-assembled package is recyclable on a global basis. There is no cross contamination of one material to another.

EDS Group, Inc. is a tier one and tier two supplier of heavy gauge, formed returnable / re-useable packaging. Plastic thermoforms are replacing expendable foam/corrugated assemblies for the bulk shipment of industrial components to large manufacturing sites and automotive assembly plants. We have programs in place to take back scrap HDPE trays and pallets, regrind and blend into extruded sheet, and re-use the sheet material to form new pallets, trays, and other industrial material handling components.

Parts developed exhibit creative innovations that prove to be less costly as we strive to minimize over-design and excess use of material.

EDS Group engineered component parts continuously outperform on a cost & performance basis when compared to our competition.

C Worthy™ brand packaging and Equipment is engineered to allow packagers to heat-seal lid material to preformed trays and pack in place into specialized molded insulated containers. All packages can be four color process custom labeled for distribution to institutions, restaurants, and grocery stores.

We engineered the C Worthy™ heat sealers to grow along with our customers. Processors are able to start with a simple, single-shuttle station heat sealer and trade up to a modified, pass-through, version to increase lines speed for more efficient operation.

EDS Group has process expertise in foamed plastics [EPS, HIPS, Arcel, EPP, EPE, PUR], and thin gauge to heavy gauge, twin-sheet thermoformed plastics. [HIPS, HDPE, PP, PVC, ABS, PC,].

EDS Group has combined the unique properties of the formed plastic and foamed plastic process to create a plastic twin-sheet, foam filled pontoon used as a component on the Rescue Alive™ Ice rescue sled. The Rescue Alive™, with 600 pound buoyancy has assisted in the prevention of many tragic drownings around the world.

EDS Group, Inc strives for innovation in developing products and packaging. We jointly developed a patented package to assure the safe arrival of live lobster. This 24 pack shipper is considered a major innovation in the shipping of live lobster within the past 20 years.

Thermal, shock, and vibration testing of the CWORTHY™ shipper have exhibited dramatic improvements in mortality rates compared to partitioned coolers.

EDS Group is revolutionizing the packaging of live and fresh fish through a systematic approach combining creativity with automation.

Shipping of biohazards that require absorption to meet DOT standards led us to the challenge of creating Haz-guard™. We developed a unique process of bonding an absorbent pad to a die cut paperboard blank. Specific designs allow the packager to wrap a specific bottle containing a hazardous substance, so if in the event the container is damaged during transit. Haz-guard™ will contain the material within the absorbent liner.

Stephen Conley, principal of EDS Group is named as an inventor of a plastic incubator to grow human skin. The incubator is used today in commercial application by growing the skin and also shipping within the same thermoformed device to provide skin patches to burn victims. Our ability to analyze a process and recommend cost effective solutions led us to take petri dishes and platewells that were individually packaged in Tyvek bags and replace with a master thermoformed tray and heat sealed lid. We share this patent with our client as well. The thermoformed trays are ribbed in such a way that bulk shipping is possible as the ribs deflect thereby preventing damage to the plates during transit testing.