EDS Package Testing and The Compliance Management Group (CMG) merges ISO17025 ISTA certified package testing operations, benefitting clients with expanded testing capacity under one roof in Littleton, Massachusetts further advancing our efficiency and speed to market.

The EDS Package Testing/CMG merger expands our commitment to ISTA series testing and further demonstrates our ongoing dedication to improving and offering superior service within our industry. We have added qualified staff who demonstrate technical competency and capability to produce precise and accurate test data in a timely fashion. Our customers can rely upon EDS Package Testing/CMG to meet their packaging regulatory requirements, as this merger provides access to more environmental chambers for conditioning and accelerated age testing, as well as the ability to accommodate a broad range of environmental, shock, and other requirements simultaneously.

CMG provides the latest in electro-dynamic shaker capabilities. Our shaker system provides vibration capabilities exceeding 18,000 force pounds. A large diameter armature and a 52″ x 70″ head expander allow testing of large test articles.

EDS Group clients will be exposed to the additional capabilities of CMG with over 100 years of combined technical expertise in Electromagnetic Compatibility (Emissions, Immunity, and Automotive), Safety, Shock & Vibration, Thermal & Environmental Testing, and Program Management.

CMG provides Electromagnetic Compatibility and Product Safety testing for the Medical Device Industry. Unlike other labs, we do more than simply pass or fail the product’s performance. Our engineers aid in the complete process of testing, identifying issues, and providing customer solutions.

Using proven ASTM testing processes and ISO quality procedures, our staff delivers the end result you are looking for: products that meet all necessary requirements. CMG/EDS Package Testing service will continue to offer solutions and recommendations for improvement during the testing process.



Eric Wilbur ewilbur@cmgcorp.net 508-460-1400

Stephen C. Conley: scc@edsgroup.com 508 337 5931 [508 397 3767 cell]