EDS Group is a package engineering, testing, and distribution company. We have set our sights on the future by merging with renowned experts in the thermoforming industry and testing industry.

EDS Group is merging its engineering and distribution business with multiplant medical grade thermoformer Computer Designs, Inc (CDI). EDS Group Inc formed in 1991, has built its platform on expertise in polymers, molded foamed plastics, and thermoform industries, serving markets in the United States, Mexico, Europe, and parts of Asia. The EDS Group accomplishments in thermoform pharmaceutical, and medical industries have found synergies that align well with CDI.

CDI began operations out of Pennsylvania in 1988, with expertise in tooling and engineering. CDI continues growing and now has four manufacturing locations in Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Arizona, and Puerto Rico. CDI has placed an emphasis on quality systems, process, and meeting the needs of the medical market and electronics industries. CDI’s growth in high-quality manufacturing volumes allows EDS/CDI to add value through combined resources and capabilities. Together, our focused strategies will aid to build value for our clients while we accelerate expansion within the markets we serve.

We are eager to utilize our collective creativity and expanded materials offerings as a differentiator in the industry. Our existing business partners will benefit on the front end of development as we add a wealth of expertise from package engineering through logistics. CDI states that EDS Group’s line of thermoformed products fits well within their existing footprint. The addition of EDS Group product offerings, including foamed plastics, heavy gauge thermoforms, and returnable packaging, diversifies our product portfolio.

Computer Designs Inc is ISO9001/2008 certified and offers certified class 8 clean room when required.

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