EDS GROUP expertise in materials science and thermoplastic processing provides our clients with structural engineering solutions. Our program engineering encompasses design, rapid prototypes, part testing based on standards, and inventive production tooling.

EDS Polymer Research:

EDS Polymer Research yields recycled plastics and master-batch additives for anti-stats, antimicrobial, fire retardants, foaming agents, and alloys. Our specific Research into various methods to measure the biodegradability of engineered compounds has yielded promising results.

EDS Package Testing

EDS Package Testing for steam chest molded foams, compression molded foams, precision in-line thermoforming, single station thermoforming, compression pulp molding.

Manufacturing & Distribution:

After more than 30 years in the packaging engineering business, EDS Group has established a network of business partners that connect your product idea directly to your customer in the form of a finished engineered component.